Writing a blog as creative outlet

PDQ has also given gift cards to reward students and as recognition for faculty and staff.

Writing a blog as creative outlet

First up is the Rinspeed Concept Car.

writing a blog as creative outlet

So, your car of the future would not only transportation but also a classroom, or an office, or theater. This concept has been built together with HARMAN — who is a specialist car technology— to demonstrate how we can get back more productive time in our daily commutes when autonomous cars become the norm.

Another near-future product are these Shape-Shifting Car Speakers. These are part of a customizable system designed for ride-share vehicles, like Uber and Lyft, and they literally change shape and sound depending on what the user wants to experience.

So, it can go from high performance JBL sound to the more refined sound of Harman Kardon — the passenger controls the experience. We all know voice-control is huge—and two examples of that are here: The last 3 are totally waterproof—so they can handle any weather conditions and after a sweaty workout your can just rinse them off.

Fly, shoot and share, Flitt takes aerial selfies and high-flying video of your social gatherings and with just a tap of a button you can instantly share those memories across your favorite social media apps. Absolutely NO flying experience needed. Images and videos are automatically stored on your phone, in the Flitt app and on a microSD card sold separately.

Never worry about missing THE shot by using spare batteries, which are sold separately. Flitt fits perfectly into your pocket, backpack or purse. For more info go to www. See for yourself as you use the action figure to control the game!

A crucial piece to the transmedia world is also the interactive collectible trading card game as it further enhances the Lightseekers universe.

Each card, when scanned into the game delivers immersive augmented reality experiences, rewards game players and unlocks powerful in-game abilities.

For more info go to: The dual sided flip design makes it easy to perform stunts like degree spins and flips. Speed ahead with the high-performance rubber tires and extra-bright LED headlights. It connects via Bluetooth to smartphones, tablets and virtual reality headsets and packs in 6 hours of playback time.

TouchPoints — Holidays have you stressed out? This could be the solution. According to the company—TouchPoints can significantly reduce stress in just 30 seconds. Gift sets come complete with two TouchPoints one for each side of the bodydual chargers, a carrying bag, and a day money back guarantee.

Wear TouchPoints on wrists like a traditional wearable or hide them in pockets, socks, tank top straps, or clip them to waistbands or belts. Simply turn on both devices and TouchPoints helps your nervous system calm down while you go about your day. Give yourself or someone else the gift of calm, order yours now and enjoy the holiday season.

RunLites are patented wearable safety products in the form of gloves made of breathable fabric with lightweight Velcro-secured rechargeable LED lights, that go from 40 to 80 lumens with a push of the button.

The gloves have reflective strips and accents to help the pedestrian be seen. As a runner and full time working mother, founder Mary Tiffin could only find time to exercise at night and was frustrated by the inefficiency of flashlights and headlamps, but knew running in the dark was dangerous.

RunLites replace clunky and uncomfortable head lamps, light-up vests, clip-on lights, and handheld lights that limit the use of your hands. Runners, Cyclists, Dog walkers, and outdoor enthusiasts all love this latest solution to see and be seen in low light areas.Jevelin is a simple, easy to use, modern, creative, user-friendly and tech-savvy and responsive WordPress premium theme.

This theme has been constructed to perform at a top-notch level as a multipurpose website with deep-running customization capacities and an intuitive visual page-building process that webmasters with no previous coding experience can easily learn within minutes.

Want to learn how to blog? I specialize in simple. My site doesn't have ads or sponsored posts. I don't bombard with emails. My style is frugal, minimalist and nimble. And I actually pay for and try things before recommending them to you.

Dawn S. Bugni, CMRW, MRW, CPRW Just starting your career? Talented veteran, looking for new challenges? Returning to the workforce after a brief or.

Few updates: I’m now writing regularly (monthly) at the New York Times as a contributing opinion writer. My New York Times op-ed can be found here..

(That page doesn’t include this one on Uber and the power of data and algorithms in general, which was co-authored with Brayden King.). I’ve created a Facebook page which I update regularly with my writings. “It’s a luxury being a writer because all you ever think about is life.” – Amy Tan The Free Live Your Legend Start-A-Blog Challenge is Back, permanently!

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