Vbscript write array to excel file

First add a reference to "Microsoft Excel This example uses the following code to open a workbook, add a new worksheet to it, write to the worksheet, save the changes, and close everything. Application Dim workbook As Excel. Range ' Get the Excel application object.

Vbscript write array to excel file

This article also presents the advantages and the disadvantages for each method so that you can choose the solution that works best for you. More Information The approach most commonly used to transfer data to an Excel workbook is Automation.

Automation gives you the greatest flexibility for specifying the location of your data in the workbook as well as the ability to format the workbook and make various settings at run time. With Automation, you can use several approaches for transferring your data: Transfer data cell by cell Transfer data in an array to a range of cells Transfer data in an ADO recordset to a range of cells using the CopyFromRecordset method Create a QueryTable on an Excel worksheet that contains the result of a query on an ODBC or OLEDB data source Transfer data to the clipboard and then paste the clipboard contents into an Excel worksheet There are also methods that you can use to transfer data to Excel that do not necessarily require Automation.

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If you are running an application server-side, this can be a good approach for taking the bulk of processing the data away from your clients. The following methods can be used to transfer your data without Automation: Transfer your data to a tab- or comma-delimited text file that Excel can later parse into cells on a worksheet Transfer your data to a worksheet using ADO Transfer data to Excel using Dynamic Data Exchange DDE The following sections provide more detail on each of these solutions.

To do this, locate the following line of code in the following code examples: However, you can download the Northwind database from Microsoft Office Online. Use Automation to transfer data cell by cell With Automation, you can transfer data to a worksheet one cell at a time: Quit Transferring data cell by cell can be a perfectly acceptable approach if the amount of data is small.

You have the flexibility to place data anywhere in the workbook and can format the cells conditionally at run time.

vbscript write array to excel file

However, this approach is not recommended if you have a large amount of data to transfer to an Excel workbook. Each Range object that you acquire at run time results in an interface request so that transferring data in this manner can be slow.

Additionally, Microsoft Windows 95 and Windows 98 have a 64K limitation on interface requests. If you reach or exceed this 64k limit on interface requests, the Automation server Excel might stop responding or you might receive errors indicating low memory.

Once more, transferring data cell by cell is acceptable only for small amounts of data. If you need to transfer large data sets to Excel, you should consider one of the solutions presented later. For more sample code for Automating Excel, please see the following article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base: Quit If you transfer your data using an array rather than cell by cell, you can realize an enormous performance gain with a large amount of data.

Consider this line from the code above that transfers data to cells in the worksheet: On the other hand, transferring the data cell by cell would require requests for interfaces to Range objects. Whenever possible, you can benefit from transferring your data in bulk and reducing the number of interface requests you make.

The following code illustrates how you could automate ExcelExcelor Office Excel and transfer the contents of the Orders table in the Northwind Sample Database using the CopyFromRecordset method. Worksheets 1 'Transfer the data to Excel oSheet.

Quit 'Close the connection rs.In my subsequent tutorials, I will cover other important topics of VBScript like Variables, Constants, Operators, Arrays, Functions, Procedures, Excel Objects, Connections Objects, etc., which in turn will create an easy understanding among the users for learning VBScript Programming Language easily and .

Aug 28,  · Here is my script so far. When I try to reyurn the values in the array, I only get the last row in the textfile This is what the file looks like; I need array(0) to equal AIX so on.

Some text files might have more lines then some other ones. Aug 10,  · Write an Array to a Text File Sample script that writes an array to a text file. Dec 17,  · My understanding is that if I read a line of the input file I can use the split command to quickly determine a single dimension of the array - since the input data is fixed width in colums (but can change from file to file) and can vary in row count I am looking at the first dimension's being a single row from the input file but in columnar format.

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May 05,  · I would like to write a script to get those numbers (temperatures that I receive in an excel file) automatically and write them into the corresponding text frames. So basically I'm using jscript to set up a document.

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