The history of chinese cuisine

I will go first. No matter what we all come up with, they are likely pale reflection of the diverse, sophisticated and authentic cuisine of China. Its inventiveness and variety are indisputable. The most influential cooking styles in China were Cantonese, Shandong, Sichuan, and Huaiyang cuisines.

The history of chinese cuisine

Drinking Vessels Wine is indispensable to wedding ceremonies. But in the long process of Chinese history, it is not only an objective existence but also a cultural symbol. China is one of the earliest countries in the world to make alcohol and the history can be traced back to prehistoric times.

Since its appearance, it is not just a kind of drink, but is also endowed with spiritual and cultural value which reflects in social political life, literature, aesthetic idea and manner of life.

The history of chinese cuisine

From this point of view, to drink alcohol is actually to taste a culture. According to the historical records, as early as in the Shang Dynasty 16th - 11th century BCChinese people began to drink alcohol and use it to worship Gods.

All kinds of alcohol except yellow rice wine developed greatly after the Han BC and Tang dynasties. Chinese alcohols have a wide variety of kinds. By the type of products, they can be divided into yellow rice wine, white wine, medicinal liquor, fruit liquor and beer.

By the alcoholic content, they can be grouped into strong alcohol liquor, medium alcohol liquor and low alcohol liquor. In recent years, Chinese wine-making industry is prospering every day.

Chinese cuisine

We are member of.During these four or five thousand years of development, Chinese cuisine appears various features in different periods and regions.

Generally speaking, people in this country mainly live on the five common cereals and vegetables and added by a small supply of meat. With a profound history of over 4, years, Chinese tea is . Regardless of its dubious authenticity, such adaptation of Chinese cooking to American palates was a key element in the proliferation and popularization of Chinese cuisine in the United States.

To understand what is real Chinese cuisine, take a peek at China’s kitchens of the past. In order to present the history of Chinese cuisine, we will need to use China’s dynasties for convenience. Food and their Preparation in Various Dynasties.

Grains (fan) and meat or vegetable dish (cai) make up a . During the Zhou Dynasty, Chinese imperial cuisine took shape. Staple and non-staple foods were plentiful and many imperial and famous dishes were developed. Flavor and Fortune, The Science and Art of Chinese Cuisine.

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Chinese Cuisine History

How do I advertise? How do I contact the editor? We think of rice as a quintessential Chinese food, yet early in their food history little was known and very little consumed.


It did not come into common . The one billion Chinese, just over one-quarter of the world's population, still use grain as the basis and majority component of their diet and they supplement it with old or new foods that look, smell, and taste like Chinese food.

The history of chinese cuisine
Early Chinese Food History