The growth of tourism in british columbia after the 2010 olympic winter games

From inspiring the growth of winter sports across Canada to fuelling lasting community, transport and environmental improvements throughout the region, the Games yielded a legacy that stands strong today.

The growth of tourism in british columbia after the 2010 olympic winter games

The Legacy of the Winter Olympics in Vancouver

Memorable Moments The lasting impact of the Winter Games on our community is tremendous. One of the most scenic highways in the world, the Sea to Sky Highway from Vancouver to Whistler, received many upgrades in preparation for the Games, making this breathtakingly scenic routes safer and faster.


The Whistler Sliding Centre and Whistler Olympic Park are now used for local sports and recreation, public tours, special events and high-calibre competitions such as World Cups. Whistler Olympic Plaza brings a new social gathering place to Whistler Village where locals and visitors alike can watch live music and theatre in the band shell, have a picnic on the expansive lawn or play a game of catch or Frisbee.

The area also offers a brand new youth hostel and high performace gym with lodging for athletes in training. Today Legacies Now celebrates diversity among groups such as women, youth, aboriginal people, inner-city residents, people living with a disability and people of all cultures and creates opportunities via social and community development initiatives that will benefit all British Columbians.

Whistler is a place that inspires personal achievement and pushes us to our limits. It is a place the both breeds and celebrates the athletic elite, and so it is no wonder it was official Host Mountain Resort of the Winter Games. However, the quest for the games started much before In the early s, a group of Vancouver businessmen formed the Garibaldi Olympic Development Association in the hopes of bringing the Olympic Winter Games to British Columbia.

After thoroughly exploring the rugged Coast Mountain range north of Vancouver, they found the perfect mountain then called London Mountain. On February 14, the newly renamed Whistler Mountain officially opened for skiers. While the resort made several more bids for the Olympic Games over the years, it took nearly 40 years for Whistler to finally make its Olympic dreams a reality.

The Winter Games were filled with a million incredible moments, and each of us carries our own set of favourite memories, but here are some of the most memorable moments of the Games: The red Olympic mittens created specially for the Games become a huge hit and long line-ups form at the Olympic Store daily as revelers try to, literally, get their hands on some!

Despite being in agonizing pain, Petra made it through the quarterfinals, semifinals and then ultimately won bronze in the final. She had to be helped on stage at Whistler Medals Plaza by a medic that evening to receive her medal.

It was the fourth gold for the country, but the first at an event held in Whistler. Whistler athletes make the community proud by giving their all in Olympic competitions.

Nodar came to Whistler to pursue his Olympic dream and will live on in our hearts forever.Overview of Road Transportation Canada has more than a million kilometres of (two-lane equivalent) roads, roughly 38, of which make up the National Highway System (NHS).Please see Addendum Table RO1 for more information.

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VICTORIA - Vancouver's Winter Olympics paid measurable economic, social and cultural benefits to British Columbia at a time when world economies were struggling, says B.C. Finance Minister. The Vancouver Olympic Winter Games were a success for the Olympic Movement and for the host city, region and country - although, Games.

VANCOUVER FACTS & FIGURES FEBRUARY , students across British Columbia are participating in programmes that combine physical. Chapter 1. History and Overview Learning Objectives. Building on the momentum generated by hosting the Winter Olympic Games, tourism in BC remains big business.

In , the industry generated $ billion in revenue. Selling British Columbia: Tourism and consumer culture, Vancouver, BC: UBC Press.

The growth of tourism in british columbia after the 2010 olympic winter games

Eight years after the Olympic Winter Games Vancouver , the Canadian city and its residents continue to benefit from hosting the historic international event. From inspiring the growth of winter sports across Canada to fuelling lasting community, transport and environmental improvements. The Value of Tourism in British Columbia.

Measuring the value of tourism in by the positive impacts stemming from the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games in Vancouver and Whistler, and the %, while transportation, retail services and other tourism services saw even stronger growth over the year period with an increase of .

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