Schindler hero essay

Perhaps if you knew more, you would not find the subject humorous. It steals what is most precious to a human being — memories, connections, the familiar landmarks of a lifetime that we all come to rely on to hold our place secure in this world and keep us linked to those we have come to know and love. For ten long years he drifted — past the memories that marked his life, past all that was familiar…and mercifully, finally past the fear.

Schindler hero essay

Culture Hero or Traitor? The subject of a Hollywood film, Oskar Schindler remains controversial for some. But in his home town of Svitavy, in what is today the Czech Republic, there is resistance to memorializing what some remember as a "Nazi" and a "spy.

Schindler was born in in Svitavy, known then as Zwittau, as the son of a farm machine manufacturer. At that time, nine of 10 residents were ethnic Germans, but nearly all of them were expelled from the region after World War II.

He was known as an opportunist, a spy and a playboy. In he was dismissed from school for falsifying his report card.

Schindler hero essay

He seemed more interested in beautiful women and fast cars than education. In he was arrested by the Czechoslovakian police and sentenced to death, but avoided execution because the German troops invaded the country shortly after.

That same year he purchased a bankrupt porcelain factory in Krakow, Poland, and began producing tableware for the German soldiers.

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As his business prospered, he took on more and more forced Jewish laborers. A natural businessman, Schindler maintained positive relations with the Nazis. When the Russian army approached Krakow, he was able to convince the Nazis that it was crucial to their war effort to relocate the factory to Brnenec in what is now the Czech Republic.

Schindler spared some 1, Jewish laborers from deportation by adding them to his personnel lists, ensuring that they joined him in Brnenec instead of landing on a train to Auschwitz.

In they opened a fund to offer him financial assistance when he returned to Germany after his nutria farm failed in Paul Reid. Paul Reid is the author of The Beethoven Song Companion (), and former Chairman of the Schubert Institute (UK).He also contributed his realisation of Beethoven’s Der Gute Fürst to this website..

Schindler is a paradoxical hero. He is a member of the Nazi party, a war profiteer, and a greedy businessman. His original intent is not to save the lives of a thousand Jews, but to make a profit from their situation. The film documents his progression from antihero to hero. Essays for Schindler’s List. Literature Study Guides for all your favorite books! Get chapter summaries, in-depth analysis, and visual learning guides for hundreds of English Literary Classics. - Schindler's List The film Schindler’s List has a tendency to simplify and sentimentalize the character Oskar Schindler compared to the novel Schindler’s Ark in which the film is based on. The film Schindler’s List lacks depth and understanding of the character Oskar Schindler, and tends to over dramatize events within the film in which Oskar Schindler .

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The film revisits the themes of fate, conscience, and. A hero is a man who, in the opinion of others, is greatly admired for his brave deeds and fine qualities. In Schindler’s List directed by Steven Spielberg, Oskar Schindler is regarded as a great hero amongst many Jews regardless of the fact that he is a German Nazi, because he saves the generations and lives of 1, Jews during the Holocaust.

Culture Hero or Traitor? Oskar Schindler Still Divides. The man who saved the lives of 1, Jews during the Holocaust would have turned on April 28,