Reptile breeding business plan

Crocodiles are starting to mate frequently.

Reptile breeding business plan

This article reviews some commonly available cage types appropriate for a wide variety of herps. Glass tanks are a time proven standard. Glass Reptile Enclosures Glass herp tanks are a time-proven standard.

reptile breeding business plan

A wide variety of glass tank sizes and styles are available. Sizes usually available on the shelf range from 10 to 55 gallons, but most companies can make much larger tanks. The most common configuration is a long, low rectangle.

If so, perhaps it can be ordered for you. Also remember that if you have an animal with specific needs, some companies will make a custom tank at a fairly reasonable cost.

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Cost depends on which company your retailer deals with, and how different your tank will be relative to the kind they usually make. If the tank is not too unusual, the cost is usually not significantly different from a standard tank because material and labor costs are the same.

More unusual tanks add up to greater cost. Larger sizes, complex nonrectangular tank shapes, extra doors, holes drilled for bulkheads or tubing, inclusion of nonstandard materials, etc. Many reptile and pet shops can order custom tanks for you. Because the screen tops of most reptile tanks allow sufficient air circulation and light penetration, they are good for all lizards from deserts or other dry, sunny environments.

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Many iguanids, agamids, lacertids and skinks are some examples. Many tortoises and snakes from arid environments also do well in these tanks. Reptile Enclosures With Water Reservoir For herpkeepers hoping to house aquatic or bog species, such as many amphibians, an aquarium works better than a reptile tank.

Aquaria are usually sturdier and made of thicker glass, so they can better withstand water pressure. Courtesy Zoo Med Laboratories A front-door glass terrarium is easily landscaped and retains heat and humidity. It also typically has convenient access points for cords, tubing, etc. Aquaria come in a variety of styles and sizes similar to herp tanks.

With aquaria, however, you are more likely to find standard nonrectangular styles, such as corner styles, bowed fronts and pre-drilled holes for bulkheads, available on the shelf. Of course, aquaria have only top openings.If you plan on staying ahead of everyone else, you better plan on spending several hundreds on your first real breeder reptiles.

IE if you plan on breeding AFTs, purchase a few white-outs and patternless ones, that range from $ and up. Grow slowly: If a small breeding colony is successful, add breeders slowly, a year, rather than expanding exponentially.

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Caring for geckos, for example, is much different than caring for a dozen, not only in the amount of time it requires, but also in the . If the business is selling animals online, include a price list and shopping cart on the site. Use other sources to advertise the business, such as reptile-related magazines, which carry display ads and classifieds.

Display inventory at local or national reptile shows. Island Facts Island History & Culture Things To Do Interpretive Guide Restoration. According to legend, Santa Cruz Island was named for a priest's staff accidentally left on the island during the Portola expedition of Sep 27,  · Thinking of starting a snake breeding business.

Well, everything I read says the idea won't be profitable, but the numbers just don't add up. Reptile Business Article

I want to rent a sqft warehouse with central AC, and breed bulk regular snakes to sell to petshops. The Home of the 4 Hour Investor Grade Business Plan. Faster investor quality documentation using HyperQuestions.

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