Objectives in basic safety training on board

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Objectives in basic safety training on board

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The examples are not meant to be offered as examples to be adopted word-for-word as learning objectives. The topic of the learning objective is included in bolding and italics. Learning objectives are numbered directly below. Usually, learning builds on learning.

It may be useful to learn certain areas of knowledge and skills before learning new areas.

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Now you're read to write down your learning objectives in the Framework to Design Your Training Plan. Do the methods match the learners' particular learning styles, for example, reading, doing or listening? Do the methods stretch their styles, too?

Objectives in basic safety training on board

Are the methods readily accessible? Do the methods take advantage of real-life learning opportunities, for example, use on-the-job training opportunities, real-life problems that occur at work, use projects and programs at work?

Note that learning activities do always match learning objectives on a one-for-one basis. The learners will benefit from regularly taking time to stand back and inquire about what is going on in the training, what are they learning and what, if anything, should be changed. Skills in reflection are critical for ongoing learning in life and work.

Consider using a private learning journal. Now you're ready to write down your evidence of learning in the Framework to Design Your Training Plan. Ideally, the learning is evaluated by someone who has strong expertise in the areas of knowledge and skills required to achieve the training goals.

Think about facilities, technologies, personnel, special expertise, etc. Professional development inherently includes the need for self-development, as well.

Objectives in basic safety training on board

Therefore, you might consider information in the sections.Get a free basic guide to leadership and supervision in this topic from the Free Management Library. View Our 80+ Safety Training Courses. Fire and Safety Australia is Australia’s leading training body in workplace health & safety.

We are experts in fire, safety, first aid and rescue. Firefighting equipment and its location on board Entry Requirements Course participants must hold a STCW Basic Safety Training Certificate according to STCW A-VI/, , and a Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting certificate According to STCW A-VI/ POLICY - West Virginia Driver Education Standards Pending Board Action.

POLICY - Establishment Procedures and Operating Policy for Multi-County Career and Technical Education Centers Pending Board Action. POLICY - Standards for School Nutrition Pending Board Action.

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