Notice writing about blood donation camp

Too bad you had bad experiences. But being ripped-off several times certainly adds up the angst!

Notice writing about blood donation camp

So another, I am astonished that a wise man like Lucius should have suddenly become a Christian. Nobody thinks it needful to consider whether Gaius is not good and Lucius wise, on this very account that he is a Christian ; or a Christianfor the reason that he is wise and good.

They praise what they knowthey abuse what they are ignorant of, and they inspire their knowledge with their ignorance ; though in fairness you should rather judge of what is unknown from what is knownthan what is known from what is unknown.

Rabin, Jean

Others, in the case of persons whom, before they took the name of Christianthey had known as loose, and vile, and wickedput on them a brand from the very thing which they praise. In the blindness of their hatredthey fall foul of their own approving judgment!

What a woman she was! What a youth he was! So the hated name is given to a reformation of character. Some even barter away their comforts for that hatredcontent to bear injury, if they are kept free at home from the object of their bitter enmity.

The wife, now chaste, the husband, now no longer jealous, casts out of his house; the son, now obedientthe father, who used to be so patient, disinherits; the servant, now faithful, the master, once so mild, commands away from his presence; it is a high offense for any one to be reformed by the detested name.

Goodness is of less value than hatred of Christians. Well now, if there is this dislike of the name, what blame can you attach to names?

notice writing about blood donation camp

What accusation can you bring against mere designations, save that something in the word sounds either barbarous, or unlucky, or scurrilous, or unchaste?

But Christianso far as the meaning of the word is concerned, is derived from anointing. Yes, and even when it is wrongly pronounced by you Chrestianus for you do not even know accurately the name you hateit comes from sweetness and benignity.

You hatetherefore, in the guiltless, even a guiltless name. But the special ground of dislike to the sect is, that it bears the name of its Founder. Is there anything new in a religious sect getting for its followers a designation from its master?

Are not the philosophers called from the founders of their systems — Platonists, EpicureansPythagoreans? Are not the Stoics and Academics so called also from the places in which they assembled and stationed themselves?

And are not physicians named from Erasistratus, grammarians from Aristarchus, cooks even from Apicius? And yet the bearing of the name, transmitted from the original institutor with whatever he has instituted, offends no one.Obituary Riccardo Levi-Setti, physicist and trilobite collector, Appointments Deborah Gorman-Smith named dean of the SSA.

It was the organization of a blood donation camp in our school. The camp was held to help in the Assembly Hall of our school.

The parents of the students were informed through a written notice. NOTICE. BLOOD DONATION CAMP. 4 November, 20xx. A Blood Donation Camp is going to be organised by Red Cross Society of India on 7 Novemeber, 20xx in the school from 10 AM to 12 noon.

Students are requested to motivate their parents and relatives to donate blood/5(17). Subject: Proposal for blood donation camp at our campus Date: 12th October Respected Ma’am, It gives me an immense pleasure to tell you that Red Cross Society has agreed to organize blood donation camp at our campus on 3th November from A.M to PM.

Blood can be stored for a limited period of time that is why the blood banks need a steady and constant collection. Nowadays a public awareness is noticed to donate blood. Many clubs, colleges, societies, offices, etc. organize blood donation camps on different occasions.

It is a healthy gesture. We must keep this aptitude up at any cost.

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