Master thesis architektur kitten

June 1, Hellge, Anna

Master thesis architektur kitten

Between Sky and Ground: In this novel, the conflict is represented through painting — Persian miniatures, characterized by a representation based on frontality, and western portraits represented through perspective. This contradiction is transferred into the perception and representation of the city and architecture through planar projection; a type of projection believed in Eastern culture at the time to be "objective.

However, the influence from the West and the introduction of perspective replaced this view by placing the viewing subject at the center. Facebook made their gathering and sharing of ideas and ideals possible.

Collective opinions triggered the actual revolution through the physical city, Cairo. During the protest, people mobilized through Twitter, informing their actions to the world via Youtube.

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Presently, we exist not only in the actual city, but also, simultaneously, in the virtual city through the use of the Internet in its various forms. This creates parallel cities that reflect and influence each other.

Through their interplay, our perception of time, space and the city itself has been changed. My thesis is the exploration of the nature of this phenomenon by reading this invisible city through drawings focusing on the recent Egyptian revolution in Cairo.The thesis supervisor or committee chair is listed in parenthesis after each document title.

(Current HTC and AKPIA students are in the people section.) Dissertations + . DEGREE Master of Science Architecture ( DEGREE WORK Master Thesis | in the form of competition design COURSE DURATION 4 semesters REQUIREMENTS. Our sought after internship programmes allow you to find out about working life, gain practical experience and take your first steps to a rewarding career in the sector of your choice.

The opportunity to do a Master’s thesis on your subject if you are already enrolled in a Master’s degree; What business areas offer internships?


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Master of Architecture II Thesis End of the Year Exhibition The MArch II Advanced Design Studio. Professor: Diana Agrest Instructor: Daniel Meridor. This is a critical moment for the re-thinking of the object of architecture, approaching architectural discourse critically; questioning the very boundaries of Architecture itself.

The. Unbestimmtheit als Programm in Architektur und Städtebau, Andri Gerber und Stefan Kurath (Hrsg.), DOM Publishers, Berlin, Deutschland.

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Den Urbanisierungsprozessen begegnet die Architektur- und Städtebautheorie seit Vitruv, Alberti, Filarete und sogar bis in . Unbestimmtheit als Programm in Architektur und Städtebau, Andri Gerber und Stefan Kurath (Hrsg.), DOM Publishers, MASTER THESIS.

master thesis architektur kitten

ETH Zurich Master Thesis. January 2, Fall Semester Master Thesis Topic B.

master thesis architektur kitten

Bus Station at Shilquai Tobias Wullschleger. TEAM ETH Zürich.

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