Kenyan hospitality and travel industries

This recognition, alongside other exciting industry developments, has been attributed to the increase in conference tourism. Because of the steep competition, hotels have put in a lot of effort to ensure the needs of both business and leisure travellers are well catered to. In addition, many local and international restaurants continue to be opened in Nairobi and other major cities throughout Kenya. Kenya has continued to attract global investors who are setting up international standard hotels.

Subscribe Pin Nairobi, 25th January However, these efforts were greatly hampered by a spate of terrorist attacks and subsequent travel advisories that markedresulting to a drop in GDP contribution at 3.

The positive effects of the efforts were felt in the first quarter ofwith an economic growth of 5. Kenya is recognized worldwide as a leading tourist destination, being the second time holder of the prestigious Leading Safari Destination accolade by the World Travel Awards in Inconference tourism grew to And, what is the stand for Tanzania?

The introduction of East Africa Single Tourist Visa has greatly reduced the cost of visa-acquisition and therefore heightened the opportunity to experience multi-country packages.

Although Tanzania and Burundi are yet to embrace the same vision, we still participate in joint marketing events. For instance, we had a joint stand at the Magical Kenya Travel Expo where Tanzanian and Burundian companies were present.

Hospitality Report Kenya

Even at the London World Travel Market, we are hosting a joint road-show where Tanzanian and Burundian companies will be present. Is there a standardized way of packaging cross-selling to avoid unnecessary rivalry and sometimes animosity between tour operators and countries at large?

From the out-look; tourist arrivals are on the increase. EAC partner states simply complement each other. When packaging the region, the focus is on complementary products and services.

Rwanda, on the other hand, is home to endangered mountain gorillas.

Hospitality Report Kenya

Burundi is equally fascinating with warm hospitality, vibrant cultures, unrivalled heritage and diverse Lake Tanganyika recreational opportunities. What would you say is the future of domestic tourism across the region?

For the first-time, Uganda and Rwanda have allocated funds for marketing domestic tourism. The future of tourism in East Africa is embedded in the vision of One Destination with multiple cultures and products.At a past hospitality event, World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC), David Scowsill applauded Kenya’s hospitality industry for remaining resilient, and successfully overcoming the .

The Travel and Hospitality Sector in Kenya is essential for driving growth, providing foreign exchange, and creating employment to thousands of Kenyans.

Kenyan hospitality and travel industries

In the industry supported million jobs (9% of total employment), and by end of the employment rate is expected to rise by %; and by % pa by to provide million jobs (% of total employment).

Aurum Consultants – Our client in the hospitality industry is looking to fill in the above position, to be based in Nairobi. Our client in the hospitality industry is looki.

Kenyan hospitality and travel industries

Oct 02,  · The country’s hospitality industry is on an upward growth trajectory, having been resilient and surmounting numerous challenges over the years to secure a place for itself among the top in Africa. The travel and hospitality sector has immensely contributed to the economy by driving tourism earnings, providing foreign exchange and creating employment for many Kenyans.

Nairobi, 25th January For the second time, the Kenya Travel Hospitality Report by Jumia Travel sheds light on major travel trends in the country, looking at how the local sector compares with counterparts on the global map; it’s rapid development, impending barriers and the impact of technology on the changing domestic travel landscape.

Assessing Trends In Kenyan Hospitality And Travel Industries Tourism Essay. Categories. Free Essays; Tags. The Republic of Kenya is located along the Equator of the eastern side of Africa, get oning the states of Somalia, Uganda, Ethiopia and Tanzania. The state covers an country of , km2 and house about million people and turning.

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