Keeping promises

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Keeping promises

About the Authors Introduction to Promises Promises are a design pattern to structure asynchronous code and smooth over the complexities of running sequences of dependent asynchronous operations. We noticed an article recently that helped me concisely understand exactly how promises help us.

Normally when running an asynchronous function there is no easy way to get a result back. In addition we have the difficulties of handling errors and exceptions.

What exactly will happen if the async code throws an exception? As so eloquently put in that article the point of promises is to give us back functional composition and error bubbling in the async world.

A promise is a software abstraction that can bind together multiple asynchronous operations into a single pipeline represented as a first-class object. A contract is made with the promise that at some time in the future the async operation s will either complete successfully or have been rejected indicating that an error occurred at some stage of the pipeline.

Results from each async operation are passed through the pipeline. This allows us to easily retrieve and act on results from our async code. When the pipeline has completed successfully our success callback will be invoked. Promises have a powerful error handling Keeping promises conceptually similar to exception handling that allows error handlers to be injected at any stage of the pipeline.

If you are only interested in the success or failure of the entire sequence of async operations, then put your error handling at the end of the pipeline.

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Keeping promises an error occurs at any stage of the pipeline, the rest of the pipeline stages will be short-circuited and control transferred to the error handler.

We first noticed promises through our experience developing web applications in Javascript. From reading the wikipedia page it appears promises migrated to Javascript from functional languageswhere so many good ideas originate.

Promises in Javascript are often lauded as the cure for the antipattern known as callback hell. Of course there are many Javascript libraries for management of async code, however the promises pattern has risen above the herd as the solution of choice and something of a standard.

Now for an overview of how promises can help you as a game developer… Promises for Game Development How are games structured and how can promises improve game development?

You could argue that a game is a sequence of time-dependent activities happening one after the other, dependent on and influenced by previous activities and user input. Game or level completion happens when the player satisfies a set of objectives.

Objectives depend on activities and prior objectives. If you can imagine looking at it from a 4-dimensional perspective, a game looks like an interwoven tapestry of objectives and activities with complex dependencies between them.

Some of the prize tools in any game development toolbox are those that help wire together objective and activity dependencies in a manner that is elegant, expressive and easy to change as the game is evolved. Of course we already have many patterns at our disposal for structuring game code: All are worth understanding.

They are a simple alternative, very useful for a great variety of tasks and you can probably start using them straight away. The power of promises comes from the ability to treat a sequence of activities as a single entity.

This is the base of reuse with promises, you can create bigger and bigger building blocks from which to compose a variety of game logic and behaviour. The resulting code is readable, understandable and maintainable.

Keeping promises

Promises are already immediately useful for many traditionally asynchronous operations such as loading assets. We also use them for sequencing movements, animations and sound into sequences you might easily call a cutscene. But for some of the more complex logic we had to upgrade the promises pattern.

Promises to the Rescue in C At Real Serious Games we translated the promises pattern to C and it immediately enabled a design improvement in our async code for tasks such as loading assets. In these cases it is typically preferred to load asynchronously rather than to block and get a callback when the load has completed.

This frees up the thread for other processing or simply just for keeping the UI responsive.


The caller can immediately use the returned promise via its fluent API even though the asynchronous operation is still in flight and has not yet completed. Upon completion of the async operation, in whatever way that notification actually occurs, LoadAsset resolves the promise: Resolve theLoadedAsset ; Resolving the promise triggers a pipeline of downstream callbacks that have been defined by the caller using functions such as Then, ThenAll and Done.

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BREITBART CONNECT Asynchronous JavaScript, or JavaScript that uses callbacks, is hard to get right intuitively.
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In order to discuss your business with your accountant, bookkeeper, banker, or other business associates you need to understand the language. The C# promises library and documentation is available on github.. Promises to the Rescue in Game Dev. There are many situations in game development that require waiting for some async operation to complete or for some condition to be fulfilled.

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