Ewe crown

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Ewe crown

Many people lose crowns from their teeth.

Ewe crown

You may be curious why your crown fell off. Many people think that when they get a crown, their tooth is bulletproof. Crowned teeth can get cavities! The cavities usually occur right at the junction of the crown and the tooth along the gum-line. This could be due to contamination of the cement while it was being prepared or any number of other reasons.

If this is the case, your dentist can usually re-cement the crown back ont your tooth. Over time, sticky foods can gradually work a crown loose. When the crown is pulled off by sticky food, it can usually be re-cemented onto the tooth.

In some instances, due to lots of force, the crown can break and fall off the tooth. Maybe you used your teeth as toolsor you ended up putting unnatural stresses on the crown by grinding your teeth. In any case, when you subject your crown to unnatural forces, you stress the bond that holds the crown to the tooth.

This is more common in back teeth that have been worn down over years of use and are short.

Ewe crown

Conclusion There they are! If your crown fell off, it was most likely due to one of the reasons mentioned above. It is always best to go see your dentist when a crown falls off.

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