Essay on my school for class 10th

Our School Library A library is a temple of learning. A book is the life blood of an author. A book is a treasure of wisdom.

Essay on my school for class 10th

Students performing the practicals in the lab using microscope. About Gurukul Thought of the Day: Education is the most powerful weapon by which you can change the world…!! Vijaypal, Director, Gurukul Shikshan Sansthan. Education is never ending process which passes on from cradle to grave.

It is about development and growth even when we are studying the past. Thus as educators the aspect of thinking we tend to focus upon is learning.

What we gain from the learning is implemented in day to day life, education develops to understand the circumstances, builds intelligence to improve systems to rise, promotes living standard and strengthens society and culture.

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A school is a collection or group of people who share common characteristics of opinion or outlook of philosophy, discipline, belief, social movement, cultural movement or art movement. A special school is one which satisfies the definition of a school. Therefore Gurukul International School is such an institution which imparts education focusing on individual development bearing in mind the changing needs of the society.

With the sincere endeavor on the part of our team of Principal and teachers, our upcoming institution will soon be able to establish itself among the premier institutions of the area.

I am positive that students of all the age groups are benefited by our high quality education and will bring the required awareness in the community. The aim of our school is not only to get best possible education but also to inculcate the values necessary for a students over all development and to become a meaningful part of our environment.

The students on their part need to take a pledge to realize their dreams through positive thinking and participation. A good education is a gift that parents can give to children. Our endeavor is to create in the students the spirit of adventure, thirst for knowledge, fearless mind, boundless enthusiasm and limitless energy.

We have been providing the feedback on performance to both children and parents to make them have a better sense about their progress.

We focus on molding a child becoming a good human being a good citizen with bright future. We have already implemented C. E, the modern method of assessment to overcome the difficulties and obstacles faced by the child during transaction of learning.

Essay on my school for class 10th

For this purpose Gurukul International School stand here to spread its wings. We have to impart not only education but have to produce dynamic independent individuals who have a broad outlook towards life, who sustain an equipoise walking on the path of scientific progress with love for humanity in their hearts, bound with moral, cultural and social values and empathy for the under privileged.

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we converted the happiness into anxieties and grieves. I rushed to my house and showed them my result. I prayed to God with the core of my heart and tear filled eyes/5(6).

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Essay on my school for class 10th

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