Cursive writing asmr sleep

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Cursive writing asmr sleep

Poor function leads to Poor academic results

FEB 27, Brenda Kelley Kim Writing in cursive might be a lost art in the next few decades. While it was a school staple in elementary grades, it fell out of favor in the last few years.

Currently, only 23 states require that cursive writing is taught in public schools. The debate on whether or not learning cursive is beneficial to the brain, is faster for students or is helpful with dyslexia rages on and the evidence is not complete enough to point to any studies that show there is a real cognitive benefit to understanding how to write and read cursive text.

Indiana State Senator Jean Leising R-Oldenburg has sponsored legislation for the past seven years to require cursive instruction in schools, but it has failed to pass. Leising recently penned an editorial in the Rushville Republican urging passage of a cursive bill and citing science research that shows learning cursive provides brain benefits.

In one study James was involved in, functional MRI scans of the brain showed no differences in the brain between printed and cursive handwriting. The research did show that haptic feedback, which is learning how to form letters by hand and getting feedback from touch and pressure, is beneficial, but no distinction was made between cursive text and printed text.

Haptic feedback is a big reason why most experts suggest that children learn to write by hand and not just via a keyboard. Evidence exists that shows cursive can be beneficial to students who have dyslexia, but those students are a neurological exception, and there is no evidence of a benefit in neurotypical children.

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While cursive writing could go the way of the Dodo bird or the buggy whip, some schools will continue to teach it. While it might not be a scientific fact that it helps with cognition and learning, knowing how to read and write in a flowing script might make your holiday cards looks a little nicer.

Check out the video below on the decline of cursive.This is a Record, Not a Commodity. Skip to content. I did a lot of writing and got to interview some incredible artists.

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cursive writing asmr sleep

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Is Cursive Writing Good for the Brain?