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Contact chris pearson thesis

The first reason why this is such a big story is because the Cutline theme was developed by Chris Pearson a few years ago.

Contact chris pearson thesis

The same Chris Pearson that recently announced Thesis would be switching to a split licensed setup. Chris also has another theme on WordPress. Keep in mind though that his comment was made during a heated time period between Chris and Matt.

Cutline was sold a few years ago and had a more restrictive license placed on it. The original author of the Cutline theme has gone on to produce other themes with more restrictive licenses. The post I linked to with Ian Stewart was created four days before the switch.

Users of the service virtually had no time what so ever to transition to the new theme. There are plenty of ways in which this could have gone over better.

For instance, at least give users thirty days prior to the switch. A sticky forum post to go with the blog post would have been a nice touch.

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There is always an uproar from those affected or upset by the change and after a period of time, life moves on without anything being done about the original decision. Happened with the removal of themes from the repository, the Capital P filter and now the removal of Cutline on WP.

I suppose we can now expect the unexpected.Thesis Theme. likes. Chat with others users that are utilizing the Thesis theme for Wordpress. Ask a question, show off your site, get help or give.

Chris Pearson Of Thesis Here’s a video (audio for most part) with Chris and Matt in conversation about GPL vs. non-GPL ideology. While it’s difficult to prove if one or the other is right, it’s good to know both the sides and decide for yourself.

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The same Chris Pearson that recently announced Thesis would be switching to a split licensed setup. Chris also has another theme on called Press Row which according to this comment by Matt, will be seeing a similar fate.

Contact; Chris Pearson VS Matt Mullenweg July 15, Kevin Muldoon in Blog. Thesis developer Chris Pearson and WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg got into a bit of a debate yesterday. In short, Matt believes that Thesis should use the GPL license that WordPress uses but Chris disagrees.

Contact chris pearson thesis

The long-time awaited version of SEO framework Thesis will be live on Monday October 1. Chris Pearson announced recently that the new Thesis version is revolutionary and will satisfy both beginner and advanced website developers.

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