An in depth analysis of jerome david salingers novels

Messenger Today marks six years since celebrated writer J.

An in depth analysis of jerome david salingers novels

An in depth analysis of jerome david salingers novels

Email Even from nearby Windsor, getting to J. Google Maps gets it wrong by about a mile. There are no signs pointing the way, no commemorative plaque labeling this as a historic site. The real estate agent is running late.

I feel like a stalker. I feel like Mark David Chapman. Through the windshield, I assess the place — a chocolate-brown, gambrel-roofed, wood-framed house. Here is where he brought home students from Windsor High to groove to records on his hi-fi. Here is where he raised his children Matt and Margaret.

Here is where he allegedly penned fan letters to actresses Elaine Joyce and Catherine Oxenberg. Here is where he embraced Zen Buddhism. Here is where he left behind his identity as a New York Jewish writer and army vet to become whatever you make of the inkblot of his Cornish existence —Ascetic.

When the rain lets up, I get out of the car. The clouds are low and the greenery is lush. The lilies of the valley are still in bloom. Behind the house, a hammock is strung between two tall trees.

Today, that view is obscured by fog which rolls down hills like the clouds of Sils Maria. The entrance to the house is around the side.

We walk into the front room, where the kitchen is also located. The current owner is on the scene.

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He even gave her his phone number. Salinger was old enough to be my grandfather. InHolden Caulfield was already Even the idea of this place seems kind of old-fashioned, an antiquated concept of escape and anonymity — these days, canceling a Facebook account or refusing to have an email address seems like every bit as radical an idea as packing it all and moving to a home in the middle of the Cornish woods.

But at the same time, something is odd about this place. Looking out through one of the windows onto the road outside has the aspect of peering through a porthole.

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No cars pass by. There is precious little open space. Rooms feel cut up. A stairway leads down to a basement passageway that ends up in the garage. According to Darrach, wherever Salinger lived, he always made sure there was a secret way out. Actually, maybe you could just start from scratch — level the place, create something brighter, airier.

I ask Darrach about the schools. The kids could go to Cornish Elementary or Kimball Union Academy, she says, each of which is about a minute drive away. Or they could go to Hanover — about a minute drive. She brought up her kids in the area and the schools are great.

No, she says, Brooklyn. She suggests the Hanover Co-op — 17 miles away, yes, but stocked well enough, she says, so that you only would have to go there once every two weeks. I ask about remodeling the place. She tells me she can send me a list of architects.

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best known for his novel The Catcher an analysis of war prayer and editha two works by mark twain and william dean howells in . Jerome David Salinger Salinger J.D. Nine Stories. Franny and Zooey. Raise High the Roof Beam, Carpenters.

Moscow: Progress Publishers, pgs. P.: OCR & Spellcheck: Aerius (, As nearly as possible in the spirit of Matthew Salinger, age one, urging a luncheon companion to accept a cool lima bean.

Jerome David Salinger. Franny ()